Stroke Life Center's Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering.  We have a need for the following positions:  

1) Administrative Person - answer phones, filing

2) Group Facilitator ( Speech Pathologist or speech therapy students) - for communication groups - special consideration for aphasia.

3) Fundraising and Events Facilitator- creates events

4) Activities Person (Health Care Professional, OT, PT, Nurse or Social Worker) - to conduct game groups, hand-strengthening, cognitive and motor skills, memory and concentration, problem-solving.

5) Fitness Group Leader ( Personal Trainer, PT)  - Engaging in physical fitness session dealing with exercise equipment with documenting accomplishments; deals with balance, coordination, strength, aerobic work;  taking blood pressure before and after workouts.

6) Janitorial Help - empty trash, wipe down tables, sweeping, general clean-up.

7) Art and or Music Therapy (Artists, Musicians or Art, Music Students) 


If you have a talent or idea regarding additional offerings, we would love to hear from you. 

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