Stroke Life Center's Mission:

Our Mission is to enhance the lives of stroke survivors and their families in the post-rehabilitation world with continuing life skill development, targeting the unique challenges of life after a stroke.
We are a non-profit organization receiving no government funding. Help us create a living, caring and healing environment for stroke survivors. You can donate now to the efforts of the Stroke Life Center by clicking on the donate tab.

Our Goal:

To provide post rehabilitation opportunities for stroke survivors to build life skills in:

* Exercise / Physical wellness  *Mental acuity  *Communication  *Everyday tasks

We wish to expand the social networks of stroke survivors and their caregivers, and to provide education and support to them and their families.

Cindy Roshon and Sue Rindskopf  started the Stroke Life Center to help stroke survivors continue their journey in healing. Both Cindy and Sue are stroke survivors themselves. They know from their own experience what it takes to make the needed adjustments and deal with the challenges of life after a stroke.

In their determination to achieve higher levels of function, Cindy and Sue were inspired to create an organization that picks up where healthcare leaves off. The primary goal of the Stroke Life Center is to provide services that enhance the mental and physical well-being of the survivor. 

We aim to offer continued care with professionals, partnered resources, volunteers and other stroke survivors.  That care involves physical, occupational and speech therapy with group and outside community activities, encouraging  new-found confidence in coping with life.

Stroke is a leading cause of serious long-term disability. There are only a handful of organizations like ours in the US that support stroke survivors. Approximately 800,000 people have strokes every year.  Their lives change in just a single day. Commonly most insurance covers only 6-12 months of therapy with nothing provided afterwards.

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